Why do we need a photographer on our wedding?

At a time when almost everyone has the options and the money to photograph, one might think that the photographer at the wedding is an investment that can be saved. However, how well uncle, mom or sibling can actually handle the camera and if they have it at the right moment then everyone has to decide for themselves. As a photographer I am around the clock around the bride and groom. Like a shadow that lingers in the background, does not celebrate, is not drunk, when it comes down to it and puts the box of cigarettes aside before I photograph the table decoration. I have a list in my purse that I will not forget, and the photo of Bride and Aunt Maria was made certain in the end. I have been to many weddings and know different procedures and perspectives in which to hold certain things best. Time and again, I see bridal couples looking more at mobile phones than at the faces of their loved ones and how nice it is when everyone can just put the phone aside and enjoy the wedding, because there is someone who holds everything, missed nothing and from which all get the pictures at the end


How many weddings did you take?

Many. Ashore as also on board a cruise ship.


There are so many things you can photograph, why weddings?

Even when I was little, I was fascinated by weddings and can still remember a lot of details. I love to capture these beautiful moments and hold them for the bride and groom. It makes me happy when they rejoice over the pictures and see things that they "missed" at their wedding. It is also a wonderful setting to take pictures of. Everything is decorated and color coordinated, the mood is good and you get to know so many people.


Are you editing all the pictures?

Of course, all the photos you get from me are edited. I do not give out raw material though. Please take a look at my previous work, because in this style will be your photos. If you want a different treatment then I'm not the right photographer for you. Of course, smaller retouchings are possible as wrinkles, arms or stomach slightly thinner, etc. However, I can not make elaborate photo montages as people out of the picture or paste. This is possible, but will be charged extra.


How much time should we plan for the Wedding Portraits?

In order to make really beautiful, natural photos, you usually need 60-90 minutes of time. If there is no nice place around the location, which I have not experienced yet, of course you have to plan the time you need for a nice location. During this time, the remaining guests should be busy and not bored. But most of the time, nobody notices that the newlyweds are away for a while. If there is really no time on the wedding day, you can still do the photos afterwards. However, one should keep in mind that you may need a hairdresser, make-up and bridal bouquet again. Then you are free in the choice of location and can take a lot of time.


We want natural pictures and not so many fake poses?

Since you are exactly right with me! If you feel good in front of the camera and can almost forget it, you will also get beautiful natural photos. We ensure a good atmosphere together and fun comes first. I like to shoot in a natural environment and let my bridal couples "make easy". This often results in the most beautiful photos. They do not have to look like that. That's why a previous meeting and a conversation is very important to me. Here we can get to know each other a bit and find out what we like and what not.


When should we book our wedding photographer?

You are engaged and start the preparations? Perfect, then start with a request with me. The sooner the better, because then your appointment is certainly still free. But I also like to accept spontaneous requests if I still have the capacity.


What's happening if it's raining?

The nightmare of almost every bride and groom. You wake up on a wedding morning and a look out the window is enough to see that the weatherman has not lied the last few days. It's really raining. But that is no reason to panic, because even in bad weather you can take beautiful photos. There are many possibilities, such as beautiful umbrellas, rubber boots, which can be pulled under the dress and also wonderful in the photos install, etc. In addition, you can always look for a location where you can assume, if it is really too strong becomes. If everything falls completely into the water and it is impossible to take pictures, you can still catch up with the shoot. But I have not experienced that, that was necessary.


Do we get a photobook?

No, a photo book is not included in the price, but can be booked at any time. Of course, you can choose the photos yourself, or you'll be surprised. In addition, I also like to help you with invitations, thank you cards, etc. Just write that in your request and I'll make you an offer.


How should we choose our photographer?

After the good feeling. I know that even in this industry are very happy to compare prices and you tend to choose the cheapest photographer when the budget is tight. However, you should not do that if you do not feel good about it. Your photographer accompanies you all day, you have to understand each other and sometimes I am even like a little assistant of the bride, because I am always there. I like to do that and I always enjoy it when she is looking for my eye contact just before the yes-word, because at this moment I am the only one who can see her. Everyone else is behind her. Find someone you trust and love to attend your wedding. If a photographer is too expensive for you and you have a very good feeling then talk to him. Price wise, you can agree, maybe an hour less, etc., etc., there are so many possibilities.