Hallo, Ich bin Carolin und ich habe mein Herz an die Welt verloren.

The endless ocean and the wind in my hair. On a cruise ship I traveled as a photographer to 52 different countries for 3 years and while my colleagues were busy collecting magnets or other souvenirs, I mainly collected one. Seashells and photos. Memories that don't fade .


Every 4-5 months I returned home and there not only hugged my family and friends tightly, but also my two fur noses, Lila and Marie. Big cat love. I can almost cry more with joy than when I'm sad and when someone cries, I cry with them. So I'll be hiding behind my big camera, and I'm sure to shed a tear or two at your wedding too.

Where we have come to the most important question. Why do I love to photograph weddings so much? Because I can use it to give you emotions. Memories in the most beautiful colors and the way you want to keep them. If you look at your photos 10+ years from now - and I can promise you it won't be that long - you will feel exactly what you felt in that moment.

With me you will not only get beautiful photos, but also moments full of laughter, joy, moments that are real and a friend who nods to you before you say yes. With me you will run hand in hand across a meadow, turn and dance - yes, maybe until you get dizzy - laugh until your stomach hurts and you won't go home without confetti in your hair.


We will sit together at a table and relive your day when you get your photos and you will see things that you didn't even notice, because here comes my attention to detail. You can find so much of that at weddings.

Destination Wedding Greece

At weddings there are so many wonderful details and so many emotions that I capture for you. I love to be a part of it and thank all my dear bridal couples who have placed their trust in me.


Licht & Meer

Ich mache mich auf. Ich entdecke. Ich beobachte. Ich halte inne. Ich fotografiere.

Hochzeiten. Familien. Kinder. Portraits.



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Vielen Dank. Ich melde mich schon ganz bald bei euch.